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Hand and foot are the 2 major parts of our body and they are the most sensitive part of our body. Due to this, the best care for these parts is needed. There are hundreds of hand and foot care products available in the market. You have to use these items regularly to get the best care for your hand and foot. It has been seen that people not taking proper care of their hand and foot will fall victim to several skin diseases.

Hand & Foot Care Product Price in Bangladesh

Hand & Foot Care Product Price
Dove DermaSpa Intensive Hand Cream 290 Tk
Bio Active Foot Cream Banana & Argan Oil 285 Tk
The Foot Factory Foot Scrub Mint 449 Tk
Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot File With Diamond Crystals – Blue 2150 Tk

For hand care products, hand wash is the primary product which we use to clean our hands properly. There are varieties of hand wash products available in the market, from those you have to pick the best hand wash for you. Hand wash will keep your hand fresh and clean. This product also keeps you safe from germs and bacteria. Regular use of soaps may make your hand dry and hard but hand wash will keep your hand nice and smooth.

As we are using our hands regularly, it gradually turns hard. For this, you can use glycerine and lotion. You can keep your hand soft and smooth by using these products. You can use similar items for your foot. In both cases, you can use these items. It is recommended to use these items in your hand and foot after cleaning. If you do not use these in clean skin, your skin may suffer from rash and other problems.

In both cases, you can use a nail cutter and nail polish remover to keep the nail nice and smooth. Never use unauthorized cosmetics for your hand and foot. People suffering from diabetes and skin diseases must take extra care for that. Always try to use the certified product for your hand and foot care.

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