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Soap is one of the most common things we are using in our daily life for cleaning our hands and body. This is the most used toiletries item. Based on the type of need we are using varieties of soap in our daily life. It will be best if you can use varieties of soap for different purposes. There is both hard and liquid soap available in the market. But for a better result, you have to choose the perfect soap for you.

Soaps Price in Bangladesh

Soaps Price
Pears Pure & Gentle Soap with Lemon Flower Exctracts 140 Tk
Fa Vanilla Honey Yoghurt Bar Soap 99 Tk
Nivea Creme Soft Soap 99 Tk
DR. DAVEY Collagen & Charcoals Black Soap 245 Tk
JAM Goat Milk Gluta Collagen 145 Tk
The Body Shop Strawberry Soap 320 Tk

For having a good fresh bath you have to take a soap which is good for your skin and will not create any rash. Soaps that are enriched with glycerine will be best for your shower. Make sure the hard soap you are using must have deep clean facilities. This will help you to have a pleasant shower. If you have an odour and sweating problem then liquid soaps will be best.

There are several renowned soap brands available. Based on the types of your skin you have to pick the soap. Our partners are recommending you to use Dove, Pear, Lux, Fa Bar Soap, The Body Shop Soap brand. All of these soaps are good for all types of skin. If you have sensitive and dry skin then Dove and Pears will be the best option for you.

It will be best if you use these soaps regularly daily. If you go outside regularly liquid soaps will be best for you. For cleaning your hand we are suggesting you use antibacterial soaps like lifebuoy and Dettol. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these soaps are getting the most popularity in the market.

For your personal use, we are suggesting you to use different types of soaps to get the best possible care for your skin.

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